How to Start Your Car in Cold Weather Every Time

on Tuesday, 01 December 2020.

A vehicle that does not start during cold weather is always an anxious and stressful moment.  But, remember—the right information can help you to avoid this potentially dire situation.

Proper starting procedures should be performed in order to prevent exhausting your vehicle’s battery. At Anderson Behel in Santa Clara, CA we know that it all begins by performing regular and ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

Proper Maintenance To-Do List

1.) Ensure that you’re using the correct oil. Automotive experts recommend 5W-20 for year-round use, so make sure that you get an oil that will withstand freezing temperatures.

2.) Check your battery regularly. When was the very last time that your battery was tested by your mechanic or local parts store? Battery cells have an average lifespan of 3-4 years. They can conduct a speed test that will quickly tell you whether your battery is weak and dying and might need replacement. The alternator must also be checked if it’s properly charging your car battery.

  1. ) Don’t ever be afraid of assistance if you need it. Your check engine will light up if your ignition system encounters problems. You might not notice any changes, but ignition problems may get worse during the cold season.

Troubleshooting Your Vehicle During Colder Weather

  1. ) Electrical accessories must always be turned off when you’re not using them. One way to troubleshoot a dead car battery during the cold weather is to make certain that everything is turned off. Turning these devices off will give your engine more opportunities to charge your battery and keep it strong in the long run.
  2. ) Your clutch must be dipped. Another way to do this is to dip your clutch slightly while you’re starting the car. It reduces the battery workload and gives the engine power to crank even when its near freezing point.

3.) Battery leads should be cleaned and tightened. Check your battery cables and see if there are any signs of corrosion. Clean the battery and free it from rust and corrosion build-up. Wear protective clothing before doing the clean-up. After cleaning the battery from corrosion, check if the cables are tightened.

4.) Engine oil should be topped off. One cause of a hard starting is when your car is low on engine oil. With a cold weather temperature, the little engine oil will inevitably have the engine struggle in the start-up. Check your oil level through its dipstick. Top up your engine oil if it’s low before you try to start it again.

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